Business Proposals / Business Plans

A business plan is a document that describes your business and its directives, target market, competition and other key elements that your banker, venture capitalist or financier will require in order to front you the money you need to make your dream a reality. Once your business plan is completed, however, you’ll want someone with experience to look it over for clarity, continuity and punch before you submit it to prospective sponsors, who will give you only one chance to impress them. If your business plan is ready for an experienced and neutral eye, let’s experienced proofreaders and editors give it the final polish it needs to solidify the deal.

Once your company is up and running, you’ll need a solid business proposal to describe your business and bid on projects both solicited and unsolicited. A well-written and properly planned business proposal is essential as your move forward in your efforts to grow your business.

A winning business proposal can be the single element that sets you above your competitors and the deciding factor on which company (yours or theirs) wins a bid on a project.

A good business proposal describes in interesting detail how your business is different from the madding crowd. It includes your business’s experiences and standards, its achievements and special citations, endorsements and awards. It lends weight and credibility to your business and makes lesser companies fade from view. It provides examples of your work, product, service or accomplishments so that project providers can begin a personalized relationship with your company.

A solid business proposal also earmarks the solutions you propose related to a project and addresses your answers to problems that may arise. It details the advantages to your company’s winning the bid and factors in particulars your competitors likely missed. And it speaks to your specific audience, whether it’s a large government body, a set of financial authorities, or a smaller, more specialized sector. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us to help you build a powerful message-driven business proposal.